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    "Eligible" means that your receipt should include:

    1.   A description of the health service/supply (ex. "physiotherapy").
    2.   The date the service/supply was received.
    3.   Full name of the recipient (you, your spouse or dependent).
    4.   The total amount paid.

    We do NOT want your credit/debit card receipts.

    IMPORTANT: If you or your spouse have any other health insurance or drug program available to you, it should be used FIRST. Only amounts not covered by that insurance plan or program can then be submitted here. You must include a Statement of Benefits from that provider that shows the amounts not covered (including deductibles and co-pay amounts).

    Submitted claims totaling less than $5 will not be reimbursed.

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    If you have additional receipts please submit these ones first and then refresh this page to submit another batch. This helps us ensure that all of your attachments will be uploaded without errors.